OCTOBER 4-6, 2018 • Oklahoma City, OK


    Quality. Verification. Trust.

    Quality is a critical ingredient of the medications you compound and the procedures you and your staff follow every day. Quality means that:

    • Pharmacists can verify that the medications they provide are potent, valid, correct, stable, and sterile.  
    • Doctors and patients can trust that you stand behind every prescription you fill.  

    As a compounding pharmacist, you know that quality elevates excellence — and protects healthcare organizations and patients worldwide.   

    Quality Compounding Summit

    The Quality Compounding Summit, presented by ARL Bio Pharma and the American College of Apothecaries, brings together national speakers for a two-day intensive focus on quality issues for sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacies.

    The Topics You Need

    Hear industry leaders from across the country speak on key topics selected to build your pharmacy's success, including best practices, safety, facility design, and regulatory issues. 


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